NEW Ports of Call

DJUPIVOGUR, ICELAND Nestled by the picturesque fjord of Hamarsfjorour, this small coastal village that dates back to 1589 offers something magical: Mt. Bulandstindur, a pyramid- shaped basalt mountain peaking at 3,507 feet that’s widely believed to be a focus of mystical forces. HEIMAEY, ICELAND This small, vibrant island underwent cataclysmic change in January, 1973, when a vast fissure burst open, burying 400 buildings and creating a new volcano. Learn fascinating details at the Eldheimar Museum before setting out to see a vast colony of Atlantic puffins. VLISSINGEN, NETHERLANDS An important port city for centuries due to its strategic location on the Westerschelde, Vlissingen is now the Zeeland region’s most favored seaside resort. Trace that eventful history at the Zeeland Maritime MuZEEum before strolling its charming, café-laden boulevard. SAAREMAA, ESTONIA Part of an archipelago so diverse and robust it’s recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, the Estonian island of Saaremaa boasts a medieval fortress, traditional villages, elaborate spas — even a meteorite crater field once considered sacred. ESBJERG, DENMARK A Danish version of Easter Island’s monoliths — the monumental Man Meets the Sea — is a spectacular introduction to this North Sea harbor city. Dive into local history and art at Esbjerg’s museums and discover the offshore gem of Fanø.

AARHUS, DENMARK Brimming with stunning architecture both old and modern, a vibrant cultural scene and lively boutiques and bars, Denmark’s second-largest city is fast becoming a must-see Scandinavian stop. Foodies, dive into dishes ranging from New Nordic to traditional Danish. MÅLØY, NORWAY Explore the sights of this charming coastal village that’s one of Norway’s most important fishing ports. Learn the area’s WWII history at the Måløy Raid Center, snap a photo of the must-see Kannesteinen Rock and walk Refviksanden’s white sands. CALAIS, FRANCE A World Heritage-listed city hall fronted by one of Rodin’s most famous public monuments, museums dedicated to Calais’s role in World War II and a medieval watchtower and cathedral make Calais much more than a transportation hub to England. SANTANDER, SPAIN From Magdalena Palace — an early 20th-century gift from Santander to Spain's royal family — to the ultra- modern Centro Botín museum, this picturesque port city nicknamed “bride of the sea” echoes its seafaring past and heralds its future.


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