EXECUTIVE COLLECTION & BESPOKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Imagine the perfect day of exploring a destination unfettered, unencumbered and entirely suited to your preferences. Creating your own, customized excursions is a reality, whether you’re looking to engage a private vehicle from our Executive Collection with a personal driver and guide or hoping to develop a truly bespoke experience with our elite concierge team. We welcome the opportunity to help you create your perfect journey. PRE- & POST-CRUISE LAND PROGRAMS Some destinations entice visitors to stay longer and explore more of their cultural beauty, local flavors and captivating history. Engross yourself within your destination on one of our well-planned Land Programs — before or after your voyage — many of which are free. Go deeper into the wonders of your destination where continents collide, cultures are born and history was made, from the breathtaking beauty of Asia, Africa and Arabia to the northern shores of Europe and beyond. MID-CRUISE OVERLAND PROGRAMS If you desire more time ashore during your voyage but don’t want to extend your travel with a Land Program , then our Overland Programs are the ideal solution. Cities in clouds, walls without end, ancient temples and captivating metropolises are only the beginning of the opportunities that await when going overland. Go further with these unforgettable shoreside adventures, bookended by the luxury and comfort of your suite aboard The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet™. PRE- & POST-CRUISE HOTEL PROGRAM Relax in a world-class hotel with a full breakfast each day and private, group transfers between ship, hotel and airport when you take advantage of our Pre- and Post-Cruise Hotel Program for 1, 2 or 3 nights. IN-PORT OVERNIGHTS Evenings provide a different view of a city as the streets light up and the locals unwind. Discover the charms of a destination’s nightlife and enjoy more time ashore with more than 130 overnights in ports across every region of the world. ANNUALLY REFRESHED ITINERARIES & NEW PORTS OF CALL Exploration doesn’t exist if there isn’t something new to discover. Each and every year we develop new and unique itineraries — including new ports of call and more shore excursions — ensuring you always have new ways to enjoy your travels. From the resplendence of nature to the epicurean refinements of human creativity, there are amazing memories to be created in each port of call.

We’ve sailed millions of miles to thousands of ports throughout every ocean and are still excited to explore further. Come with us to discover and experience Unrivaled Exploration™. Then, return for more.



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