NEW Ports of Call

CASTELLÓN, SPAIN This capital city along the Costa del Azahar (Orange Blossom Coast) offers hinterlands and verdant landscapes to complement its beaches. Look for Fadri Tower and the Gothic cathedral in its historic quarter and the medieval walled town of Peñíscola along the north coast. MELILLA, SPAIN One of two autonomous Spanish cities on the Moroccan coast (the other is Ceuta, near Gibraltar), Melilla features a monumental military fortress, a surprising collection of modernist buildings and a unique fusion of Mediterranean, European and African cuisine. PORTO SANTO STEFANO, ITALY Linked to the Tuscan mainland via three isthmuses, Porto Santo Stefano boasts a laid-back seafront that draws summer crowds, a 16th-century military fortress built by the Spanish and an 18th-century convent that offers views of the Tuscan archipelago.

PONZA, ITALY Off the coast of Italy’s Lazio region, stroll among the wild orchids of Ponza’s Botanical Gardens, seek out the island’s fascinating mix of Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian and Greek ruins, or simply bask in the wonderfully casual Mediterranean vibe. GOZO, MALTA Discover Gozo’s mix of breathtaking natural features, historic fortifications and megalithic temples, from a natural limestone arch called Azure Window to the cathedral and museums of the Cittadella (Citadel). Later, sample a local drop at an acclaimed winery. LIMNOS, GREECE Experience Greece at its authentic best on this northern Aegean island of thriving fishing communities, intriguing ancient ruins, secluded stretches of sandy beaches, a medieval hilltop kastro (castle) and a wine-making culture mentioned in Homer’s Iliad .

SKIATHOS, GREECE Pine-forested mountains sloping to dazzling, white sand beaches await upon this most popular of the Sporades Islands. Explore Skiathos Town’s whitewashed alleys, restaurants and quaint tavernas and the remains of the island’s medieval capital of Kastro, abandoned since 1830. CESME, TURKEY Historical treasures abound in this popular Aegean resort town. Explore a 6th-century BCE temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, the ancient ruins of 7th-century BCE Erythrai and magnificent Cesme Castle before people-watching over a Turkish coffee in nearby Alacati. DIDIM, TURKEY Districts named Altınkum (Golden Sand), Gümüşkum (Silver Sand) and Sarıkum (Yellow Sand) reveal Didim’s modern appeal, but its most famous ancient monument — the Temple of Apollo in the village of Didyma — was once home to the second most influential oracle after Delphi.


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