If limoncello isn’t your thing, fear not, the people of Campania enjoy their lemons in a huge variety of other ways. Lemon is often used in the preparation of meat and fish, lending perfume and acidity to dishes like garlic lemon chicken and the gorgeous Luciana-style braised octopus. Risotto al limone may sound a little bland, but the reality is delicious, and especially popular as a light lunch in the summer months. Lemon leaves are also useful for cooking, lending a more subtle aroma to dishes. Frittelle de Ciceniello is not to be missed — ciceniello is the local word for what the Italians call bianchetti — small fish like sardines and anchovies, deep-fried and served with crispy lemon leaves. There’s provolettetoo — a smoked fresh cheese, which is grilled and served on a bed of lemon leaves. Sometimes you’ll see lemons simply cut into segments and served with a sprinkling of salt, a splash of oil and a scattering of mint. And then there’s dessert — delicious, sweet and sharp torta al limone , cannoli with lemon cream, and delizia al limone — a sponge cake soaked in limoncello, topped with whipped lemon cream. If Amalfi and Sorrento lemons are available in your grocery store or local market, switch out your normal lemons for these more succulent varieties, and you have an instant upgrade to your favorite dishes! Great British Chefs is the team behind the fastest growing food websites in the UK (www.greatbritishchefs.com and www.greatitalianchefs. com). Both sites are go-to destinations for foodies in search of recipe inspiration, cooking guides and in-depth features on the world of food, drink, cooking and chefs.



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