visit the Viking Ship Museum Oslo before their temporary closure and have already begun planning a return to coincide with their reopening. Aside from history and architecture, Europe’s cuisine also begs for a second helping. We are so fortunate to have a talented and diverse culinary team that offers incredible insight into the regional specialties of each destination — and few do it better than Chef Kathryn Kelly. When we began planning this issue, she was the first call we made, and she did not disappoint. Chef Kelly expounded on the delicious traditions of Monaco and the South of France. She even revealed her favorite place to have breakfast in Monte Carlo, and I can’t wait to try it when I’m next in port. As is customary with our magazine, each article is paired with voyages that bring these destinations to your suite’s doorstep, along with serendipitous encounters with locals, new favorite dishes and amazing art and architecture. I hope one of these itineraries inspire you to return to Europe and see it again with “new eyes.”

We even took a fresh look at architecture by featuring some remarkable European structures, such as Barcelona’s famous Santa Maria de Montserrat Monastery and a list of masterpieces in Lisbon, two of which are featured on our new Behind the Design tour offerings: the historic Belém Tower and the fluidly beautiful MAAT. In Seville, the Royal Alcázar is an extraordinary example of Mudejar art with its mix of Islamic and Christian cultures; it’s exquisite and begs to be seen more than once in your life. The same can be said for the medieval walled city and buildings of Dubrovnik. It deserves a second look, especially after having watched the HBO series, Game of Thrones . Whether you are interested in ancient battles or fictional ones, the article on Dubrovnik captures a sense of beauty and history unique to this coastal gem of Croatia. I really enjoyed an ultimate view of the city, be sure to take the cable car to the panoramic overlook and enjoyed a lovely lunch. If your journey leads you north, you will most likely be in Viking territory, whose stories have also been dramatized in television and movies of late. Remarkable archaeological finds from Norway to Iceland can connect you to these fascinating warriors in a way that the silver screen cannot. I was fortunate enough to

When planning my travels, I tend to look toward places I’ve never been before. But recently, I had the opportunity to return to some of my favorite cities in Europe…and I was overjoyed. Undoubtedly, the last two years gave me a new appreciation for the places I have been, and revisiting allowed me to see them in a new light. As Marcel Proust famously wrote, “The real voyage of discovery, consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” We aimed to capture that sentiment for you in this issue. With every turn of the page, you will find an interesting read that offers a new perspective about a familiar place. Perhaps a city that you already have fond memories of, like my beloved Sorrento and its delicious limoncello. Or a place that has undergone changes since your last visit, like historic Belfast and its new designation as a UNESCO-listed City of Music.


Janice Davidson Vice President, Creative & Brand Experience Regent Seven Seas Cruises ®

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