One monument stands tall over all others in Montenegro, and it is found on Lovćen’s second highest peak. There is an irony in this, as no figure casts a shadow over Montenegrin history and culture as proud and true as the poet prince himself, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš. Most refer to him simply as Njegoš, and it was he who brought modernity and centralization to Montenegro. Without Njegoš, we can only speculate as to what Montenegro would be like in the 21st century. His mausoleum is located on Jezerski vrh, and is an absolute must-see. The village in which Njegoš was born is also found within the national park. Now called Njeguši, normal life in the village has long halted and been replaced by all things Njegoš, although don’t expect much in the way of facilities and amenities. No visit to Montenegro is complete without a sampling of njeguški pršut, dried ham prepared in a most unique way. Where better to taste it than at the source? GET THE BLOOD PUMPING It’ll come as no surprise to hear that Lovćen National Park is teeming with adventure activities, making it an enticing

destination for adrenaline junkies all over. Quad biking and zip-lining are just two examples, although they may be a little extreme for most. The latter is particularly thrilling, but there is something about dangling over a massive mountain range that might not appeal to everyone. Hiking and cycling are also on o¡er for the more serene visitors, and the cooler temperatures up here make it a fantastic alternative to the mind-bending heat of Podgorica and the cities of the coast. John William Bills was born in Mid Wales in the 1980s. A combination of boredom and tragedy saw John up sticks and head to the Balkans in search of absolutely nothing in particular. Author of “An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery,” John enjoys extremely slow music and Japanese professional wrestling. Culture Trip inspires people to explore the world’s culture and creativity through innovative technology and a network of local content creators. Their vision is to bring the world to everyone and in doing so bring everyone closer together. Visit www.culturetrip.com to learn more.


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