GRAND THÉÂTRE If you’re visiting Bordeaux, you’re sure to come across the majestic Grand Théâtre, one of the most emblematic examples of the city’s lavish 18th-century architecture. Even if you’re not attending an opera or ballet performance, head to this architectural beauty to walk around inside and enjoy an afternoon tea, or to dine at the excellent Le Quatrième Mur restaurant. Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, Place de la Comédie, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 00 85 95

PORTE DE BOURGOGNE The Porte de Bourgogne is like a smaller version of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. Apart for resembling the renowned Parisian monument, the Porte de Bourgogne is an entryway into the historical Vieux Bordeaux (Old Bordeaux). After you pass the splendid arch, walk up to the Cours Victor Hugo until you get to the Grosse Cloche (the Big Bell) on your right. This impressive bell is one of Bordeaux’s oldest monuments and will lead you to Rue Saint-James — the coolest street in Bordeaux to shop. Porte de Bourgogne, Place Bir Hakeim, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 10 20 30

RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE Walking up and down the Rue Sainte- Catherine is more than a shopping experience. You probably won’t visit all the boutiques (unless you’re very dedicated), but will surely appreciate the stroll along Europe’s longest shopping street. After your shopping (this is an ideal place to find souvenirs) take a break at La Promenade Sainte-Catherine to enjoy a cup of co¡ee and a spot of people-watching. Rue Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux, France



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