GO LOCAL TOURS One of the best ways to find off-the-beaten-path experiences is to think like a local, and Go Local Tours provide connections with local culture through community members themselves. Sample Finnish delicacies while exploring some of Helsinki’s popular food markets. Experience a new world of hospitality and discover delightful insights into your favorite destinations with Go Local Tours . ECO-CONNECT TOURS Engage with local groups and businesses to learn about how they’re transforming the world around them, while experiencing the impact of their efforts firsthand. Visit a serene sanctuary for sloths in Costa Rica to learn how the orphaned, displaced and injured residents are cared for and rehabilitated. Converse with, learn from and observe the local community as they work to conserve and sustain the surrounding environment on our new unique Eco-Connect Tours . BEHIND THE DESIGN TOURS Glimpse behind the scenes of some of the most captivating and brilliant designs around the world. In Rome, step into La Nuvola’s cloud and allow MAXXI’s geometrical wonderland to captivate your imagination. Witness superb architectural feats and more, gaining special insights from knowledgeable guides about the inspiration, reasoning and genius that brought these marvels to life on our Behind the Design Tours . GOURMET EXPLORER TOURS Unique to sailings aboard Seven Seas Grandeur ™, Seven Seas Splendor ® and Seven Seas Explorer ®, our specially curated, Master Chef-led Gourmet Explorer Tours invite you to learn something new as you immerse your palate in the cultural flavors of your destination. Gather produce, cheese and specialties at a local Corfu market before turning your bounty into a Greek feast. Savor each bite, increase your culinary knowledge and expand your repertoire with each of our delectable Gourmet Explorer Tours . SERENE SPA & WELLNESS™ TOURS Innovate your shoreside experience with revitalizing Serene Spa & Wellness Tours . Practice the slow, controlled movements of vinyasa yoga at the legendary Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort overlooking the Mediterranean. Restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as you engage the world through our Serene Spa & Wellness Tours . RECONNECT ON REGENT* Our Reconnect on Regent program is the ideal way to share extraordinary experiences with loved ones, making new memories to last a lifetime. Celebrate life’s milestones together in complete luxury with a private complimentary celebration during your voyage, exclusive to your party of 10 or more. Enjoy personal, in-suite notifications regarding your party’s departure time for your FREE Private Shore Excursions, returning each day to the relaxation found aboard our perfectly sized ships.



*All Reconnect on Regent tours are subject to change, are based on availability and requires an additional upcharge.


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