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FREE UNLIMITED SHORE EXCURSIONS Every destination we sail to harbors treasured experiences waiting to be unearthed. And there’s no better way to dig in than by taking advantage of our hallmark inclusion of thousands of wonderful, FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions. These excursions are curated to provide you with an array of ways to engage your interests and indulge your passions, from adventurous encounters with nature to quiet explorations of world-famous museums. And with access to over 350 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you’ll have unique opportunities to experience world history in profound and tangible ways. Incorporate Corfu’s storied sea caves into your own odyssey or enjoy a leisurely stroll through Kotor’s Old Town as you soak in the local charm and historic beauty. REGENT CHOICE SHORE EXCURSIONS Regent Choice Shore Excursions o¡er another level of engagement. Their unique itineraries like our Gourmet Explorer Tours and/or smaller group formats require a discounted, supplementary charge, which is why we make sure to only select the best. Sample the local flavors of Amalfi, from the sweet limoncello to complex vintages grown on a century-old vineyard or soar over the geological nirvana that is Iceland on a flightseeing tour from Reykjavik.

ECO-CONNECT TOURS Engage with local groups and businesses to learn about how they’re transforming the world around them, while experiencing the impact of their e¡orts first-hand. Converse with, learn from and observe the local community as they work to conserve and sustain the surrounding environment on our unique Eco-Connect Tours. BEHIND THE DESIGN TOURS Glimpse behind the scenes of some of the most captivating and brilliant designs around the world. Witness superb architectural feats and more, gaining special insights from knowledgeable guides about the inspiration, reasoning and genius that brought these marvels to life on a Behind the Design Tour. GO LOCAL TOURS Sometimes, the best solution for anyone looking to uncover o¡-the-beaten-path experiences is to start thinking like a local. Go Local Tours provide a more direct way for you to learn the culture of a destination through the communities within. Learn about traditional olive oil production at a village in Montenegro or witness the fascinating history of Ja¡a first-hand with local guides. Experience the world through the eyes of those who actually live there and discover the best of what you didn’t know about your favorite destinations with Go Local Tours.


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