PRE- & POST-CRUISE LAND PROGRAMS Saturate yourself in the cultural sounds, taste the local flavors and experience the history of the world’s most remarkable locations by spending more time in them with our well- planned Land Programs, before or after your voyage. PRE- & POST-CRUISE HOTEL PROGRAM Take comfort in a world-class hotel with a full breakfast each day and private, group transfers between ship, hotel and airport when you take advantage of our Pre- and Post-Cruise Hotel Program for 1, 2 or 3 nights. IN-PORT OVERNIGHTS Evenings provide a di¡erent view of a city as the streets light up and the locals unwind. Feel the magic of a destination’s nightlife and enjoy more time ashore with more overnights in ports across every region of the world like taking in the royal highlights of Denmark and Sweden from Copenhagen or soak in the sunset on the French Riviera.

GOURMET EXPLORER TOURS Taste the cultures of the world with our specially curated, Master Chef-led, Gourmet Explorer Tours, unique to sailings aboard Seven Seas Grandeur™ , Seven Seas Splendor™ and Seven Seas Explorer® . Sample traditional pastries and iconic Turkish dishes in Istanbul or indulge in the divine scents and flavors of Monaco from Monte Carlo to Èze. Please your palate and expand your culinary knowledge with each of our delectable Gourmet Explorer Tours. SERENE SPA & WELLNESS™ TOURS Transcend the moment as you expand your mind and strengthen your body with a Serene Spa & Wellness Tour. Discover the sweet wonders of apitherapy at a family-run bee farm in the idyllic Andalusian countryside when visiting Seville. Restore and heal your mind, body and soul as you travel throughout the world with our Serene Spa & Wellness Tours. EXECUTIVE COLLECTION & BESPOKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Envision your perfect day of exploring your destination exactly as you’d like... Creating your own, customized excursions is possible. Whether you’re looking to engage a private vehicle from our Executive Collection with a personal driver and/or English-speaking guide or hoping to develop a truly bespoke experience with our elite concierge team, we welcome the opportunity to help you create your perfect journey.


Every year we develop new and unique itineraries — including new ports of call and more shore excursions — ensuring you always have new ways to enjoy your travels. From history- changing, human creations to the resplendence of nature, there are amazing memories to be discovered in each port of call.

Come with us to discover and experience the best life has to o¡er. Then, return for more.


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