Exquisite Cuisine

EXQUISITE CUISINE a taste of europe & beyond


New flavors and intoxicating aromas from far o¡ lands ignite our senses and enliven our spirits with new passions and growing wanderlust. It’s why we take so much pride in creating dining experiences that are so exquisite: nothing can uplift travel quite like cuisine. Rediscover America’s most delicious dishes in Prime 7 and explore a splendid array of tastes and textures with the varied o¡erings of Compass Rose. Allow the sublime and traditional flavors of Chartreuse to transport you to France, with Italy close at hand via the authentic dishes of Sette Mari at La Veranda. And, an exotic touch can be found with a myriad of exciting plates at Pacific Rim on Seven Seas Grandeur ™, Seven Seas Splendor ® and Seven Seas Explorer ®. The Pool Grill is the perfect spot to relax with friends, while a quieter evening can be found in the comfort of your own suite with a meal prepared to your liking through our 24-hour, in-suite dining service. Whatever your diet and whatever your mood, our masterful culinary teams deliver unforgettable dining experiences with a wide array of delicious choices, including plant-based and gluten-free o¡erings. Dining is always whenever, wherever and with whomever you choose. And there is never a charge for the gourmet cuisine, exceptional wines or impeccable service.


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